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Welcome to Client Powered – the ultimate solution for managing your client relationships. Our CRM is designed specifically for Accountants, to streamline and automate your communication with your clients. We give you transparency, automation, and proactive client engagement. 

Services we provide

Full Client Communication Transparency

We provide complete transparency around client communication, allowing you to keep track of all interactions and stay up-to-date on your clients’ needs and concerns.

Automated Text and Email Follow-ups

We offer the convenience of automated text and email follow-ups to gather information from your clients, saving you time and improving your response rates.

QBO Integrated Client Health 360

Our QBO integrated client health 360 feature provides an in-depth analysis of your clients’ financial health, allowing you to be proactive in your client relationships rather than reactive.

Client Onboarding and Engagement

We provide a comprehensive client onboarding and engagement process, ensuring your clients receive the best possible service from the start of your relationship.

Stop Chasing Clients. Automate Your Asks!

Find out how Client Powered helped a growing accounting firm improve client relationships and communication by providing full transparency and automated follow-ups, leading to a 40% increase in client satisfaction and retention.

Streamlined Client Communication for Accounting Firm

Discover how we transformed Stellar Shoes’ digital presence, overhauling their website and e-commerce platform, leading to a significant increase in site traffic and a 70% rise in online sales.

Create a Proactive Practice with our QBO Integreted Client Health Scores

Learn how Client Powered’s QBO Integrated Client Health 360 feature helped a leading accounting firm gain valuable insights into their clients’ financial health, enabling them to provide proactive advice and support, and increasing revenue by 25%.

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